Cowboys, cowgirls, herds of galloping horses, the biggest horse drive in North America, and wild horses — my trip to Craig, Colorado a few weeks ago had it all!  While it will take me a while to work my way through all the images, here are a few favorites I pulled out to give you a glimpse of my experiences there.  More to come!

Hoofbeats Crack that whip! Riders on the Storm Cowboy at sunset Tough as Nails Kick up your heels! Kokomo, Lone Wild Stallion Tender moment between a wild mare and her yearling

Those ears!  They could lay flat like heavy velvet drapes, or swing rhythmically as he followed a scent, or turn into Dumbo-like wings as he ran — all gangly legs and puppy clumsiness, with a goofy smile on his face.

How can you not fall in love with a puppy with ears like this?!  I certainly did.  He stayed with me here in Placerville at Sierra Dogs for a Puppy Training Camp session, and the pet photography session was just a bonus.  Meet Louie, and his ears…

Louie with ears flying Louie sits in the rosemary Bluetick coonhound puppy portrait

Shadow was unsteady on her feet, but was guided and held with gentle hands so that she could settle in the tall grass and sniff the breeze one more time, with a bright smile on her face.  While her body couldn’t romp the way it once had, you can see how happy she was simply to be in her favorite places, with her favorite person.

We sat in the sunset light of a warm evening, what turned out to be Shadow’s last evening, and I listened to stories of Shadow’s youthful exploits (– she was an escape artist as an adolescent and would go on walkabout in the neighborhood!) and how she was the one who adopted her owner, not the other way around.

Goodbyes like this are heartbreaking.  It always feels too soon to let go of a cherished companion, no matter when it happens.  While beautiful images which pay tribute to a beloved pet will not lessen the grief one iota, they will, in time, after the grief has softened, help us remember the joy, and the wonderful relationship we shared with that beloved furry family member.


Shadow smiling in the yard Shadow enjoys being pet Shadow with hedgehog Karen and Shadow smiling Karen and Shadow -- tears & love Karen and Shadow share a quiet moment

Healthy, happy dogs romping in the snow, smiling and playing. I’m trying to focus on that today, when one of my dogs is experiencing a flare-up of a chronic health condition, and I am helpless to make her get well any faster.  Seeing photos of happier, better days helps keep my spirits up and brightens my day.  I hope these photos of my huskies plus two labradoodles and a scottie puppy playing in the snow recently while boarding here at Sierra Dogs brighten your day as well.   Photography can evoke feelings and bring memories to life like no other medium; it’s one of the reasons I became a photographer.

Vesta running in the snow Luna the husky mix making a snow angel Vesta and Luna playing in the snow Muncie in the snow Porter running in the snow Finley the scottie puppy running in the snow Finley the scottie puppy standing in a snow drift

I’ve been wanting to post these images for months, but since the photos were to be a surprise Christmas gift from a husband to his wife, I had to keep them under wraps until now.

Let me tell you, keeping that secret took some work!  This couple is very close, and communicating with him and working out the details without her suspecting was very difficult.  Eventually, however, everything was in place, and I did the photo session during one of Willow’s scheduled boarding stays with me at Sierra Dogs, and managed to meet with him for an ordering session and again for product pick-up on days when she had other appointments.  All of our efforts paid off — she loved her gifts!  We put together a beautiful heirloom quality album, plus two canvases to be hung in her office.   I even loved one of the images so much that I ordered a large canvas for myself.   Here are some of my favorite shots, and a perfect way to say goodbye to 2013 and usher in the New Year.  Enjoy!

Willow at sunset Happy Willow Willow smiling Willow sees something Willow about to pounce Willow in the golden field Willow in profile Willow in the hazy light Willow walking away

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