Zooming, leaping, chasing, catching — Holly is always moving.  She has turned playing into an art form.  Holly’s owners wanted some freeze-frame action of Holly being Holly, so they elected to do a dog-only photography session as an add-on to her boarding stay with me here at Sierra Dogs.  Luckily, we had some beautiful Fall color and crisp Fall weather during her stay, which made her photo session extra fun and pretty.

Holly catching a wubba toy Holly lying down with pink tennis ball Holly running one ear up Holly with red and white rope toy Holly standing with pink tennis ball Holly running both ears up

Lulu’s adoring gaze, Barbara’s contagious laughter, and  Walt’s gentle holding of Barbara’s hand don’t go away when the camera disappears.  Their genuine warmth and ready laughter left me smiling long after I put my camera away and drove home from an afternoon spent with them in Carmichael, California.  My goal, whether photographing pets or people, is to tell the story of who they are — their essential qualities.  Well, for these three, their story is about laughter, easy affection, and truly enjoying one another’s company.     Lulu in the light Lulu gazes at her people Love Barbara, Walt, and Lulu take a stroll Barbara laughing with Walt and Lulu Lulu peeks her head out Lulu watches over the yard Lulu


Here is their video slideshow with more session images (see Session Information for pricing of this and other products:

You asked for it, you got it!  Custom digital video slideshows, that is.

Here is an example of a video slideshow from a Tribute Session last Fall.  Bittersweet, in this case, but a lovely way to remember the day. Please watch the video and tell me what you think. Would you enjoy a custom slideshow of the images from your dog’s photo session?

They are now a part of my product choices, either a la carte, or as an add-on to album purchases.  (We’ll go over the full pricing list when we meet, but you can get the general idea on the Session Information Page.)

Cowboys, cowgirls, herds of galloping horses, the biggest horse drive in North America, and wild horses — my trip to Craig, Colorado a few weeks ago had it all!  While it will take me a while to work my way through all the images, here are a few favorites I pulled out to give you a glimpse of my experiences there.  More to come!

Hoofbeats Crack that whip! Riders on the Storm Cowboy at sunset Tough as Nails Kick up your heels! Kokomo, Lone Wild Stallion Tender moment between a wild mare and her yearling

Those ears!  They could lay flat like heavy velvet drapes, or swing rhythmically as he followed a scent, or turn into Dumbo-like wings as he ran — all gangly legs and puppy clumsiness, with a goofy smile on his face.

How can you not fall in love with a puppy with ears like this?!  I certainly did.  He stayed with me here in Placerville at Sierra Dogs for a Puppy Training Camp session, and the pet photography session was just a bonus.  Meet Louie, and his ears…

Louie with ears flying Louie sits in the rosemary Bluetick coonhound puppy portrait