Difficult Goodbyes

Shadow was unsteady on her feet, but was guided and held with gentle hands so that she could settle in the tall grass and sniff the breeze one more time, with a bright smile on her face.  While her body couldn’t romp the way it once had, you can see how happy she was simply to be in her favorite places, with her favorite person.

We sat in the sunset light of a warm evening, what turned out to be Shadow’s last evening, and I listened to stories of Shadow’s youthful exploits (– she was an escape artist as an adolescent and would go on walkabout in the neighborhood!) and how she was the one who adopted her owner, not the other way around.

Goodbyes like this are heartbreaking.  It always feels too soon to let go of a cherished companion, no matter when it happens.  While beautiful images which pay tribute to a beloved pet will not lessen the grief one iota, they will, in time, after the grief has softened, help us remember the joy, and the wonderful relationship we shared with that beloved furry family member.


Shadow smiling in the yard Shadow enjoys being pet Shadow with hedgehog Karen and Shadow smiling Karen and Shadow -- tears & love Karen and Shadow share a quiet moment

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