Giving Back

I’m lucky enough to get to use my talents in giving back to the community, helping animals, which is something I find very fulfilling.  Below are a few of my ongoing projects and favorite regional animal related non-profits.  Please contact me for more information about these efforts, or to request donations of photography or services for your rescue or shelter.

  • I have fallen in love with photographing wild horses, and with the wild horse preservation movement.   Wild horse photography by Sierra Luna Photography -- wild mare and her foal Wild Bachelor Stallion There is something incredibly thrilling, and humbling, about seeing and photographing wild horses in their own habitat.  I give recurring donations to American Wild Horse Preservation, and will donate a minimum of 10% of sales of any prints of my wild horse photography to them as well.    Here are two recent photos of wild mustangs in the Sand Wash Basin area in Colorado.


  • I volunteer my photography skills with Horses for Healing, a wonderful equine therapy organization in Auburn, CA.  I take some of their event photos, marketing & website photos, and help them document the work they do.  Here are a couple of photos of them in action.

photo of Horses for Healing equine therapy

  • I donate time, goods, services, and money to a local volunteer organization, EDDOG (El Dorado County Dog Owners Guild) which raised funds for our county’s first (and currently *only*) off-leash dog park, with the goals of fostering community, responsible dog ownership, and helping keep dogs behaviorally and physically healthy.
  • I also contribute to, and occasionally foster for, one of my favorite dog rescues, NORSLED, an all-volunteer organization specializing in rescuing northern breed dogs such as huskies, malamutes, etc.  I adopted my own dog Luna as a puppy by their sister organization.
  • I consult with and contribute on an ad hoc basis to shelters and rescues needing assistance with force-free behavior modification, program design, or staff/volunteer training.
  • I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild Association for Force Free Pet Professionals and adhere to their guiding principles.


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