J.R. the MorkiePoo

“Chocolate Pitter Patter,” she said excitedly.   “That’s the name of the pattern on the new collar and leash set I bought for J.R. for our photo shoot!”

How appropriate, I thought, to describe J.R. and his movements.  His little paws go a mile a minute to keep up with the world around him, which is significantly larger than he is.   He’s a maltese/yorkie/poodle mix, a.k.a. a morkiepoo, and he only weighs in at 13 lbs, although he has a BIG personality.

So on one fine October afternoon at a beautiful local winery, we let J.R. pitter patter his way around the grounds, proudly showing off his new gear.  His owner Judy scooped him up from time to time, to give kisses or simply have a little conversation, as they are wont to do.   (He’s a good listener.)

I’ve known J.R. almost his whole life, since he’s been a longtime boarding client of my other business Sierra Dogs, but photographing him and watching him interact with his owner was a whole new experience for me.


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  • JR Meagles - My day at the Winery was amazing. I especially enjoyed the Fall colors and trotting through the Vineyards on this wonderful day. I am very proud of the way my hair looked with the special mousse we applied. I really enjoyed working with you Eden. My Pitter Patter leash and harness are now two of my favorite things. Hugs and kisses, JR.ReplyCancel

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