Litter of Chocolate Lab Puppies & Their Mama!

I recently photographed an entire litter of chocolate lab puppies and their mama, here in Placerville.  I quickly realized that I should have had more puppy-wranglers in my employ!  These little bundles of joy ran amok, doing what puppies do:  putting their mouths on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, not holding still for a second, tumbling all over the place — it was wonderful!  They played tug, nursed when mama would let them, chewed on sticks, toys, and anything else handy, and they “helped” with some gardening, and at the very end, near sunset, they started to slow down.  I knew we were done when one of them lay down and stuck her tongue out! (see final photo)  Here are a few shots of them having a wonderful time on their first outing away from home.  Enjoy!

  • cindy smith - great pictures Eden, so cute.ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - Thanks, Cindy! They were a lot of fun to work with, as you can imagine!ReplyCancel

  • Holly Morrison - Marvelous! The client must be overjoyed with your pics, Eden.ReplyCancel

  • Nadine Rozowsky - I love the pictures. You truly captures the heart and souls of these Labs.ReplyCancel

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