*That’s* Not a Dog!

People often ask if I photograph anything but dogs.  While the majority of my photo shoots have dogs as subjects, I also enjoy working with horses, cats, goats, birds, and other pets, and sometimes I let their people get in front of the lens, too.  🙂  Here are a couple of shots I took of a beautiful horse during a mini-session in the last moments before sunset.

  • Trudy Kilian - The dappling on the horses pelt in the first photograph is amazing. It looks like veins – close to the surface. Good picture of Tracy, too!ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - Thanks, Trudy! Yeah, her coat (– the horse’s, not Traci’s!) was unusual and beautiful. The golden light of sunset made it stand out more vividly.ReplyCancel

  • Ttaci Matkoski - I love both of these pictures Eden! Lion is a beautiful horse and I am so happy that you can see how gorgeous her coat and markings are. She just glows.

    I was So not prepared to have my picture done but I am so happy that you took the photo of Lion and I together.We look beautiful together!

    Thank you so much!


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