A Trip to the Land of Fire and Ice

Weighted down with heavy camera gear, I boarded the plane, not knowing what to expect when I landed, but excited to find out.  Iceland was even more wondrous than I could have imagined!  Whether it was the Icelandic horses I had gone there to photograph, the incredible landscapes, the wild birds, or the people themselves, everything was a dream come true for a photographer like me.  Here are just a few of my favorite images and experiences…  Enjoy!

Iceland is often referred to as a land of fire and ice; it has many volcanoes, and also has glaciers.  The landscapes are phenomenal.  Here is a bit of the ice…

Blue Ice

Yes, the ice really was that blue.  This was taken where the glacier begins to break off into huge pieces of ice which float out to sea.  This ice is actually moving at a fast clip, but is so large that it’s hard to tell.

As for the “fire,” I interpret that a little differently than most.  One evening late in the day, the setting sun illuminated the mane of a horse and it looked like a beautiful flame.

Icelandic mane like flame

There were many other spectacular landscapes and wildlife to photograph.  Here is an image of part of the very large Gullfoss waterfall.  While it was beautiful in the sunlight with the spray creating rainbows in the air, I stayed late into the evening and found myself drawn to the mysteriousness of the waterfall after the sunlight was hidden behind the cliffs.

gullfoss waterfall

There were also charming little towns with iconic red-roofed churches surrounded by fields of lupine and perched on hillsides, peeking through the fog.

church in Vik Iceland

There were many colorful and interesting birds to photograph, such as this oyster catcher sitting on a wall in a cemetery guarding her eggs hidden below.

oyster catcher bird on wall

And of course I tried to photograph the adorable puffins, but because they were nesting in protected areas, my only chance was from afar (note to self: start saving for a bigger zoom lens!).  They were sitting up in the cliffs at the beach, and there was barely any light at 11pm by which to photograph.  But I was happy merely to see them.

tic tac puffin

Of course, the real goal of my trip was to photograph the magnificent Icelandic horses.  They were a joy to watch and to be around and to ride: sociable, hard-working, charming, strong, and beautiful.

Icelandic stallion and mare Icelandic foal girls riding Icelandic horses on black sand beach Boticelli girl with Icelandic horse Icelandic horses running in water



  • Andrea Brandt - These are gorgeous! Iceland is at the top of my bucket list, and capturing the horses there in photos. I’m vicariously living through your post, lol! Would love to see more 🙂ReplyCancel

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