About me

Telling you who I am doesn’t make much sense without knowing who you are and how I can help you.

If you’re a pet owner searching for custom photographs of your dog or horse —  then I’m your local professional photographer serving Placerville, California and the greater Sacramento region, and I showcase your furry companions and all the things about them that make you smile a hundred times a day:  the way he wags his tail thump-thump-thump, the softness of her velvety ears, the joy on his face as he leaps for the ball, the quiet gaze out the window or nap in the sunshine, the whinny and head toss which greet you each morning, or the cute whiskers on her face.  I use my animal behavior knowledge and experience to capture the animals and pets you love being their most authentic selves, in natural settings, and immortalize those moments with heirloom quality albums and wall art. Keepsake images help you savor those joys forever, and share with others why your animals are so special to you.  Visit the Session Infomation page to learn about how your pet photography session will work, and what it includes.

If you’re a photographer searching for custom  photography and business mentoring, and photography workshops — then I’m your coach, the one to help you reach your goals and improve your skills.  Want to know about photography techniques? How to photograph horses or dogs? How to get creative with your camera settings?  How to understand and use natural light?  Creative composition? Incorporating emotion into your photos? Or maybe you are an advanced photographer who needs help on the business side of things.  Marketing tips? Business set-up?  SEO?  In person sales? We can also critique images or do a portfolio review.  It’s all fair game.  Check out my blog for current workshop offerings, or contact me for one-on-one mentoring.

If you are an art lover searching for fine art images of horses or western life — then I’m an artist whose work you can purchase at Gold Country Artists Gallery in historic downtown Placerville, or at various art shows and galleries across the country, or directly from me for custom orders.


If you’re just curious about my history — then here’s a bit of it for you…

Tumbling around with a litter of warm, soft puppies on the cool grass is one of my earliest memories.   Critters of all kinds filled my early years:  curious guinea pigs, confident strutting chickens, friendly and wise horses, independent cats stalking the neighborhood, returning only for dinner and some affection, dogs as best friends, confidants, and snack-sharers of the first order, and so many more.  I should have known then that a career with animals was my destiny.  Instead, a job as a French teacher, and later a stint as a Human Resources manager, sidetracked me for a few years; I loved teaching, but didn’t want to stay in academia, and I certainly didn’t belong in the corporate world, despite my success. Late at night, I would think to myself “It’s too bad I can’t make a living working with animals; it’s what I love to do most” until I finally woke up and realized that I could make my living at it. The rest is history, as they say.  

Years of good old fashioned hard work built my dog boarding and dog training business (Sierra Dogs), still a source of pride and enjoyment, and over time I turned my passion for documenting the dogs’ antics through photography into its own companion business, Sierra Luna Photography.  The name “Sierra Luna” is a combination created from my Sierra Dogs boarding & training business, as well as by my heart dog Luna.  Vesta and Frances, my other dogs, are well represented in my portfolio.  Later I expanded my work to include my other inspirations, primarily wild horses and western life, as well as other wildlife and beautiful settings around the world.  I’ve recently been experimenting with more abstract work as well. 

I live in Placerville, California on several wooded acres with my dogs, where we romp and play, although several times per year you will find me photographing wild horses and/or cowboys in Colorado, Wyoming, or some other Western spot, or seeking out horses and wildlife in far off lands.



Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Equine Photographers Network Pro Member

Pro Member, Equine Photographers Network