One ear valiantly tried to to remain upright, but kept flopping over with each new head tilt, bouncy run, or playful movement.  The other ear remained comfortably in its puppy flop for now.

German shepherd puppy ears are a sight to behold, as they make their transition from goofy puppy stage to regal adult status.  I love catching puppies at this wonderful time in their lives, as they romp, play, learn, and grow, so I was thrilled when Heike’s owners commissioned photographs for a puppyhood album.  I photographed her over the course of several weeks during her Puppy Training Camp stay with me at Sierra Dogs in Placerville, and as you can see, her ears tell the story of her journey from puppyhood into adolescence, and give us a glimpse into the adult she will become.

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And now a gratuitous photograph of my adorable husky puppy Frances

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Good things come in small packages, as the saying goes.  Buckwheat and Pudge the shitzu mix dogs are no exception.  These two dogs pack large personalities into tiny fluffy bodies.  Those short little legs covered a lot of ground on our afternoon in beautiful Coloma, as they trotted to keep up with their long-legged and gorgeous owner Sarah.  The obvious love and enjoyment they all share, and their happy smiles, made for a very fun portrait session.


I love that look.  That special look that people get when I hand them a custom heirloom album filled with images of their pets.  They feel the weight of the album, eagerly open it up, and begin turning the thick pages.  Their eyes soften and light up, and a smile spreads across their face as they think of their furry family members and remember the fun we had during our photography session.  Even though they’ve selected the images and seen proofs before I ordered, it’s not the same as holding the finished product in their hands.

Judith was no exception as she opened up her album to see photographs of her darling Tibetan terrier George, along with the rest of the family, both two-legged and four-legged.  It’s very satisfying to me to provide someone with quality, lasting photographs of their family displayed in beautiful ways in albums or on the wall.  These are photos of her album, and a small folio book she ordered.

heirloom album collage


You can see more images from George’s photography session here.

Pongo and Tonka are ready for their close-up, Mr. DeMille!  These wonderful dogs remind me of movie stars from the era of Old Hollywood — glamorous, beautiful, elegant, and with a commanding presence.  They always seem to know where their light is…

It was great to spend time with them and their wonderful dog trainer mom Shannon on a recent quick trip to Costa Mesa, California.

PonTon at the beach Pongo glamour shot Tonka glamour shot Tonka sweet face PonTon with owner