Kip the Border Collie

Kip has a perfect border collie life.  It didn’t start out that way:  he is completely deaf, and was in rescue searching for his forever home.  Luckily, Erik Grendahl, an excellent dog trainer colleague of mine with a big heart, adopted Kip and brought him home.  Erik runs the dog rescue portion of Hartsong Ranch, along with his own dog training business, and he taught Kip a wide repertoire of hand signals.  Now Kip spends his days running around the ranch, swimming, chasing sticks, playing with dogs, checking out the farm animals, and living an idyllic life.  I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful dog in his element recently, and here are the results…


Kip adores fetching sticks in the water and on land.

Kip is watching his owner Erik closely

Kip swims daily, so he has turned shaking off water into an art form.

Kip gets ready to bite into a stick.

Kip fetches another stick

Kip strikes a pose.

Kip chills out after hours of play

Kip looks beautiful in the sunset light

  • Erik Grendahl - Wow. You did such a great job of capturing both Kip and the scenery. These are amazing photos. Thank you!!ReplyCancel

  • Denise Spielman - I love the ones of Kip shaking the water off, seriously nice work!ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - Thanks, Denise — I love watching the “shimmy” travel down a dogs body, and how they can isolate different parts. Kip swims a LOT, so he does the shimmy a lot, too. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - I’m glad you like them, Erik; I had a lot of fun spending the afternoon at Hartsong with Kip.ReplyCancel

  • Liz Kleine - These are great, Eden! Your photos are getting better and better. I am having trouble getting the right focusing, especially with action and/or with wide aperatures. Would love any tips.ReplyCancel

  • Holly Morrison - Eden, these photos of Kip are excellent! Great eye.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Weisberg - Beautiful captures & a touching story. I also was moved by the story of #37. I’d love to visit Hartsong Ranch!ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - Yes, Julie, the story of #37 (on the Hartsong Ranch blog here for those who haven’t seen it) is very moving!ReplyCancel

  • sierraluna - Thanks for the compliment, Liz! Your photography is beautiful — what I’ve seen of it. The only tip I can really offer is to practice the things you find most difficult. The only thing making me better is getting out there and learning my camera and lenses, learning the light, learning what works for me, etc. I try new things, and when I do, they may be terrible at first, but then I figure out why and try again. I’d love to chat with you about what you’re working on these days, and we can brainstorm some ideas. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • lisa norman - thank you, Lisa Norman RVTReplyCancel

  • Chich - I just love the photos of Kip .. .. . . what a special dog and you did a great job on the photos. .. . thanks eden!ReplyCancel

  • Nadine R - Beautiful shots!!! Heartwarming story!!!ReplyCancel

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