Lazaretto the Tervuren Puppy

Lazaretto is exceedingly lucky.  He has the great good fortune of being raised by a very talented dog trainer and behavior expert who adores him.  He is well-socialized, and lives in a very enriched environment in which to get up to his puppy antics.  He is allowed to be a puppy, to run and play and get dirty and chew on things, but he is also learning good manners.  He is goofy and floppy and clumsy, yet when he focuses intently, one can see a glimpse of the adult dog he will become.

I, too, am exceedingly lucky:  I get to spend afternoons romping with puppies and chatting with fellow dog trainers about behavior — my favorite kind of days.

Here is a glimpse of what we got up to together one warm afternoon in Berkely, California a few weeks ago for a lifestyle photography session.  Enjoy!


Lazaretto has an epic head tilt, accentuated by his floppy ears



Wiggly Lazaretto is almost too big to hold


Lazaretto-02 Lazaretto-04 Lazaretto-05 Lazaretto-06 Lazaretto-08 Lazaretto-09 Lazaretto-10

Lazaretto gets a smooch from his mom Kelly

Lazaretto gets a smooch from his mom Kelly



This is a photo of the rare and beautiful “tervuren blossom.” Haha



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