Lesson for a Placerville Pet Photographer: Luna & Vesta at Fort Funston

Dropping to my knees, slithering on my belly, running here and there in zig-zag fashion, all the while making strange noises, does draw a few strange looks from passerby.  I’m used to it:  I’m a pet photographer.

One of the difficulties of being a photographer is trying to carve out time to photograph my own loved ones.  Almost weekly, I find myself encouraging someone not to wait, yet I myself find it all too easy to say “Next week when I’m not so busy…”  But “next week” is always busy.   So on a recent trip from Placerville to San Francisco to meet with a dog training client, I decided to bring my own dogs, and my camera, and visit our old stomping grounds, and the best place on the planet:  Fort Funston.  I let the dogs simply romp and have fun, and didn’t try to pose them or control things in any way.  I watched, enjoying their enjoyment, and let the right moments, photographically speaking, find me.

Luna had to stop and rest many times, and watching her was a bittersweet:  a reminder of how precious our time together is, and how important it is to live in the moment with her, but also to preserve those moments regularly with photographs.  Vesta is in the prime of life, and can run forever, then still strike a pose like doggie supermodel!

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