Want to Photograph Wild Horses?

I’ll be heading back to Utah to photograph my favorite band of wild horses in May, and YOU can join me!  The area we’re going has large groups of wild horses in many interesting colors, scenic mountain backgrounds, and a great possibility of seeing foals this time of year.  This trip will have no more than two attendees, so I can provide custom coaching on any aspect of photography or business that you need. Guidance will be in the field as we shoot, as well as back at the hotel, or during other down times (mid-day, dinner, etc).  You are guaranteed to receive at least 3 hours of coaching, plus a follow-up phone or video chat after our trip, and special access to private Facebook groups.  (Mentoring rates normally begin at $250 for a 90-minute private session.)

Want to know about photography techniques? How to photograph horses? How to get creative with your camera settings?  How to understand and use natural light?  Or maybe you are an advanced photographer who needs help on the business side of things.  Marketing tips? Business set-up?  SEO?  It’s all fair game.

DATES:  May 19-22, 2018

PRICE:  $1695 per person (2 people maximum)

WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Transportation between the Hampton Inn in Tooele and our photography locations. Experienced guidance to find wild horses and navigate the roads. Custom mentoring and coaching on any aspect of photography, horse photography, business, or marketing you wish (EXCEPT off-camera lighting). One follow-up phone or video mentoring session (60 minutes).

WHAT’S *NOT* INCLUDED:  Lodging. Transportation to/from Tooele (unless our flights coordinate so I can drive you to/from the airport in Salt Lake City). Meals. Camera equipment.


May 19:  We arrive May 19th.  I will be flying in to Salt Lake City about noon and picking up my rental 4WD vehicle, and can pick you up at the airport if our flight times coordinate, or we can meet that evening at the Hampton Inn Hotel in Tooele, Utah, make a grocery run for our daytime supplies, have dinner out, start our coaching time, and get to bed early.

May 20-21:  We will be out finding and photographing the horses from before sunrise to after sunset.  The only food/drinks during the day will be what we bring with us in the car.  The hotel has an early breakfast included in its price, and we will likely bring drinks and food to eat out in the field during the day (I will provide a cooler).  Dinner is back in Tooele, and is a great time to discuss the day and continue our coaching.

May 22:  Early morning photography outing.  Departure in the late afternoon or evening after, and I’m happy to drive you to the Salt Lake City Airport if our flight times coordinate.

REQUIREMENTS:  You should have a solid working knowledge of your specific camera gear; while I am happy to help with questions, I will not be familiar with every camera model out there.  I strongly suggest that your photography be at an intermediate level or above, although it’s fine if you’ve never photographed horses or wildlife before.  This trip will involve lots of walking over varied terrain, and involves long, moderately strenuous days, so the ability to walk moderate distances (up to a couple of miles at a time, maximum) and carry/hold your gear is a must.  Weather may vary, so we should be prepared for chilly mornings/evenings, and lots of sun during the day; it is usually a dry, sometimes dusty environment.  Once you book, I can provide some suggestions for how to dress and what to bring.

DISCLAIMERS:  Once you book, you will need to sign a liability waiver.  Also, the weather is outside our control.  Because the roads are not paved, rain may make certain areas impassable.  I have chosen the dates to maximize our chance of good weather.  We are not guaranteed to find wild horses, but I have never gone to this location and NOT found them.



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