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You are intrigued by the idea of having custom professional photographs taken of your pet, and yet…  This is usually where the questions and doubts arise:  “Will people think I’m crazy for indulging and spending this much on photos of my dog?” and “My dog isn’t well-trained; what if she can’t get good photographs?” and “There’s plenty of time, and I’m busy; why should I do this now?”

But you’re ready, this is the perfect time, and it’s my job as a professional photographer to always create images which show the best version of you and your pets.

How do I know you’re ready?  Because pet hair decorates every article of clothing you own, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Because an album of professional photographs will show your friends and family what *you* see in your dog, and it will make them smile and understand immediately.  Because your pets aren’t here forever, and *now* is always the right time, the only time.  Because your session is about more than just a couple hours of snapping photos.   It’s about the wispy fur around your dog’s ears, the way he runs to the door when he hears your car pull in to the driveway, the swish of his tail right before you throw the ball.  It’s about the way your horse’s mane moves in the wind, or the softness in her eyes as she trots to greet you in the morning.     Holly catching wubba toy

Spending two hours playing with and loving your pet while I take photographs and give gentle guidance (using my years of experience with animals and animal training) is just the beginning.  Glancing up from your computer to see your dog’s smiling face and fluffy tail on a large piece of wall art above your desk will make you pause and feel a pulse of renewed happiness and motivation.  Turning the thick, smooth pages of your custom heirloom album to share images of your four-legged companion with friends and family while they smile and exclaim “Oh my gosh, how adorable!” will give you a glow of pride and satisfaction.  For less than the price of a temporary weekend getaway, you can buy tangible, lasting incarnations of your relationship with your pet.

So. I know you’re ready.  When *you* know you’re ready, Click here to view package and product pricing, and learn about what to expect.



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I have photography clients in Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Loomis, Sacramento, and other cities in the region, as well as thoughout the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you live in the area and want to get custom photography of your pet, or you and your pet, please contact me today.  (There is a nominal service fee for locations greater than 50 miles from Placerville.)

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