Whiskey River: Border Collie Mix & Athlete Extraordinaire

I recently got a new camera, and one of my boarding clients was kind enough to let her dog be my test subject so I could take my camera for a spin, so to speak.  Her dog Whiskey River, a beautiful border collie and German shepherd mix, is a regular here (see my Sierra Dogs website for my dog boarding & dog training business), and I know that he loves to chase toys and leap to catch them.  He is a super athlete, and I thought he would make a great subject to practice some of those action shots with my new gear.  He jumps with ease, and seems to add extra twists and special moves like Shaun White doing snowboarding jumps in the Olympics.  While I’m still playing around with and perfecting the camera settings, I did get a few fun shots of him in mid-leap, including this one in the late afternoon light:

dog leaping for frisbee

Whiskey River leaps with ease to catch a frisbee


Of course, he is also a master of standing still and striking a pose, especially when he’s waiting for you to throw a toy for him, like he is here:

dog waiting to chase the frisbee

Whiskey River strikes a pose while he waits for me to throw the frisbee


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